140th Derby Day Announcement

With Villager renewing their league fixtures against traditional friends and rivals Hamiltons tonight we are happy to announce that an official date for the 140th Derby Day has been set for the 20 June to be held at Hamiltons home ground, the Stephen Oval, in Sea Point. 

With the desire from both Clubs Committee’s to ensure the Derby Day spirit is not lost it was decided not to link up Derby Day with the League fixture and rather set a date that worked for both clubs.

Villager FC President Bossie Clarke reiterated this point.

“Derby Day is a celebration of the two oldest rugby clubs in South Africa and we are proud of our heritage and friendship with Hamiltons. It is a special friendship that dates back many years and long may that continue.” He said.

For those that are familiar with the Derby Day always being in the pre-season, the last two years that Hamiltons has been involved in the Community Cup has enforced the change, however both Clubs Committee’s are looking at a solution to bring the Derby Day back into prominence in the early season moving forward.

We will announce more details about the weeks build up and the actual details of the day as soon as they are finalised.