1st XV Match Report vs Primrose

The rain held itself at bay for the duration of the second team match and all seemed set for a rainless yet wet encounter for the first team. This however was not to last long as the heavens opened up once again and the sporadic downfalls and the blustering winds left both players and spectators sodden and chilled to the bone.

The first half saw the dirty whites play some controlled and patient rugby, heroic in defence, battered and pinned down in their own half for repeated “unknown” infringements dished out by the ever generous match official. After the first 15 to 20 minutes of this, the scores were 3-3, not a bad start for a side that usually concedes double digit points in the same time period on previous occasions. This honeymoon period of play however did not last for long and the half time score of 20-6 showed that the boys, for some inexplicable reason, had lost the plot again. Some harsh unprintable words were eloquently portrayed to the huddled, soggy mass of players formed in the circle and the game was on for the second half.

These unprintable words had the desired effect and the final score of 25-18, showed what these young amateur men are capable of. The last 10 minutes of the second half were spent hammering at their try line and if lady luck or a welcome ray of sunshine had enveloped our side, a draw or a win could have been on the cards.

As the coach I am proud of the young men that step out every Saturday resplendent in their armour of white, black and red. Thrusting themselves deep into the heart of battle against insurmountable odds week in and week out, this is what makes Villager men! Men such as Craig Davies, winning his first cap, getting smashed in the face, coming off and being stitched up by Doc on the player’s bench and returning to the foray of battle with gritty determination, never looking for an excuse not to re-join his Villager brothers in battle. Men like Christo Terblanche who seems to be made out of some unhuman elastic type of material as he repeatedly gets buckled and crunched only to rebound up and continue the fight. Yale Jameson, a young cadet for Villagers has grown from strength to strength taking on the role of place kicker with aplomb netting 8 valuable points on the day.

Like in any battle there are numerous names that go unsung when all the dust or in this instance mud has settled and to every one of them a high five and a slap on the back is deserved praise. Our tries came about through some enterprising play and saw both Zubayr “the pocket rocket” Abrahams and Donny “Danger” Venter cross the white line.

Exciting times are ahead for this group as I believe slowly but surely that they are coming to the realisation that anything is possible if you stick to the basics, trust the man next to you, believe in yourself and your club. I smell a WIN in the air; it’s just a matter of naming the time and the place….. That time is next Friday, the place Brookside.

-Bruce Fraser


Trie scorers: Zubayr Abrahams, Donny Venter.

Additional: Yale Jameson 2 penalties 1 conversion.