2nd XV Match Report vs NNK

There’s not much to say from my side after an admittedly scratchy performance against a hopelessly outclassed NNK outfit saw us score a 6th win of the season so I’ve decided to leave it up to our boys to comment on the match. Here goes:

Luke “Pretty” Geldenhuys: We were far from our best and left a couple of tries out on the park but I’m happy to come out with a win. I am also ridiculously good-looking.

Edward “Eddie/Grandmaster Flash” Ntaka: I tackled their wing so hard.

Luke “Big Luke” Westgarth-Taylor (who was not present): They missed my impact in the team.

Oyisile Ntokonya aka Biggie: I killed the line-out. Didn’t miss one. (Apart from a critical throw 5m from their tryline which went straight into the NNK jumper’s hands.)

Junaid Christians: My touch judge work and water boy form was poetry in motion.

Payden-Floyd “Schalk” Viviers: We played a game on Friday night?

Lionel “George” Makiwane: You do know I went to the Sharks Academy right?

Anton “The Chairman/Endless source of beer” Van Vlaanderen: I credit the victory to my invention of the one-bounce spin pass.

George “The Greek” Diamontopololopolopolopolopolus: The Bulldogs came out hungry for a victory and it started with Payden “Schalk” Viviers scoring a great try under the sticks. We knew we had them. Unfortunately we gave some silly penalties away allowing NNK back into the game. Some massive hits were put in by Eddy “Black Thunder” Ntaka and Jade “The Hammer” Du Plessis ruffling the feathers of the NNK side. The Bulldogs were filled with a mixture of youth and experience with the latter hitting some amazing lines with the likes of Graham “Milf/Hagrid” Lindemann and Patrick “Patty” Holman. With a few touch and go decisions by the match official the Bulldogs held on to win the game. I also put in a Man of the Match performance with my amazing half-attempted tackles before being subbed at half-time due to being too awesome for the opposition.

George’s Dad, Mr Diamontopolopolopolopolus: How much time we have left coach?
Ridaa: 5 minutes.
Mr D: 3 minutes?
Ridaa: No, 5 minutes.
Mr D: Ohhh, last minute?

Ridaa: Ya.

Payden: No seriously okes, who did we play?

If you’ve missed the 2nd XV in action this year, pull through to Brookside this Saturday at 14:45 to watch these great bunch of extremely talented characters in action against Hamlets.