4th XV Match Report vs UCT 4ths

After a hard fought encounter last week against MC, TheFourths.com were looking to start the long weekend with a win against UCT 4th, and get some precious log points to help them up the league standings. The chilly breeze passing through the Green Mile didn’t dampen the spirits of the lads. After a focused warm up the vibe was looking positive as the boys ran onto the field…

The Fourths kicked off to start the game, playing into the breeze for the 1st half. The Fourths came out firing and nearly put early points on the board but came up short. Thank goodness the floodlights were on as there wasn’t allot of daylight been shown by the UCT loose forwards who managed to turn over the ball numerous times to stifle the Fourths promising attacks. After working themselves into the visitors half, UCT took a early 3 point lead with a long range penalty.

The Fourths worked their way back into the red zone and had a line out a few yards out from the UCT try line. “Wazza Taylor the big Biltong/Laundry King standing like a lighthouse at the back of the lineout” made his presents felt as the forwards took it to the line before unleashing the backs… Hands down the line and a well timed pass by Johnny Chinwag, got #Yolo running through a hole… “He can smell a try like a forest animal” and over for a 5 pointer. The Postman delivered the extra 2.

Keeping the momentum The Fourths kept attacking but came up just short in the first half. Spiby “He’s like a demented ferret up a wee drainpipe.” nearly crossed the try line but was pushed out into touch a meter short. Spanish tried to twinkle-toe down the touch line but was pulled back by the touch judge having “touched” the side line. Johnny “He could sidestep 3 men in a telephone box” also had a crack with no luck.

Again UCT worked themselves again into The Fourths half and ended the second half down 6-7 after adding a second penalty to their tally.
With the wind at their backs for the second half, Saunders tried to keep the Fourths in the UCT half with some booming kicks but the bounce of the ball favoured UCT and rolled over the dead ball line taking them back deep into their own half. The defence stood strong but we started playing into the hands of the students. The structure started to break down and the friendly chatter with the ref increased, the Fourths leaked a soft try… Young Melly ran through a ragged defence after he picked up the loose ball at the back of the ruck. UCT went in front for the second time during the match 13-7.

After a stern chat under the posts the boys were focused on job at hand. After a deep kick off the UCT tried to run it out, but got hit hard by the flying Fox “When he hits you, you think the roof has just fallen in.” Team captain Georg(e) came onto the field and immediately made an impact after… “A frank exchange of opinions between the gentlemen”. The Fourths forwards started gaining the ascendancy, winning some opposition line outs as “Wazza and Jacobs go up like 2 pieces of white bread in a pop up toaster”. The scrum started firing on all cylinders… “Those props are as cunning as a bag o’ weasels.” which put huge pressure on the students who struggled to get out of their 22.

Spanish showed some fancy footwork again and put a chip through for Fox to chase but the ball just beat him over the dead ball line… apparently he tripped over while chasing the kick #DOD Mr Consistency Spiby “Square Pants” scored the Fourths 2nd try “He’s like a slippery salmon.” as UCT cracked under the pressure. The Postman delivery the extra 2 and The Fourths took a deserved lead 13-14 with a few minutes remaining.

Keeping the heat turned on high, the pressure took its toll… Georg “BK” was hungry for action after coming off the bench had a crack at the line and bulldozed his was over for the 3rd try in the last minute of the game. The conversion was pushed wide “That one was a bit inebriated – just like one of my golf shots.”
The Final whistle blew with The Fourths taking the win 13-19. Special mention goes out to man of the match: Karl “Megatron” who had a brilliant performance with some storming runs leaving some bruised bodies in his wake. As well as to Wazza: apparently it was his 100th cap…#notofficial.

TheFouths.com have a quiet spell for a few weeks to rest the niggles but will be licking their lips looking forward to the next league outing vs FIFO.

Fox “Postman”