Calling All Old Crocks!

Thanks to a couple of recently retired players, the Villager Old Crocks has been revived and these inspirational old(er) men have decided to run (or walk) with the concept in earnest starting from 2016.

Of course nothing will happen in 2015, however the thinking is that the interested parties should get a game of touch going once a week to ensure the body warms up sufficiently before the 2016 season. We have also been reliably informed that if the vibe is good and the various limbs have been sufficiently prepared through hard work and dedication in the gym (we’re lying about that last part) the organisers will consider entering a side into the crocks league in 2016 in an attempt to take on the might of the Hamiltons Dynamiters.

To be eligible, the new crocks rules allow for players over the age of 32 – Ashley Clarke is still playing for the 1st XV so is understandably forgiven for not joining yet – however other older or recently retired players who still desire to play in the famous white jerseys are welcomed to join the fold.

If you are keen, please contact Graham Lindemann – and please share with all your old team mates that the Villager Old Crocks are back!