Club 100 News

CLUB 100

After an early flurry of responses to the formation of a Club 100, we reached the number of 27 members and now all has gone quiet. Come on Villagers!! Let us do something special here and establish Club 100 to demonstrate who we are and thereby form the spine of the club.

We would like to especially call on the “new era” of past players from the year 2000 and onwards (and, by the way, what a special team Anton Chait’s team were in 2000) – please don’t simply disappear and sever your connection with Villagers! You were important in that you formed part of the history of this famous 140 year old club and you are still needed to secure the future.

It is frightening to face the fact that strong  clubs such as Gardens, Bellville, Police, Van der Stel (to name a few) have disappeared over the years. If we really care, we WILL NOT and CANNOT allow that to happen to Villagers!!

Let’s get to that number of 100 and regard it as an important milestone and not just a meaningless and frivilous request. Let’s show the current players that we in fact do care about the men in white who play at Brookside. Let’s be true Villagers.