Dirty Whites bank on fresh legs in Hamlets clash

It seems a typical example of “deja vu” for the upcoming game Saturday, as our first round fixture against Hamlets out at Mamre, Atlantis was played under the same conditions we are currently experiencing. Howling wind, waterlogged fields and torrential rain!

The 1st XV will not be looking for the same result, going down 27 – 7, and have put in some hard work at practice Tuesday night and will continue so tonight irrespective of the weather conditions.

Coaches Fraser and Marshall have decided on changing things up a bit and for the first time this season, have a few fresh legs on the bench. We have been competitive in the second half of matches but with opposition bringing on a fresh legs they have tended to just pull away from us at the end, this move by the coaching staff will hopefully give us the much needed turbo boost to close out the game.

We see a welcome return from injury by Tim Marsh at 10, it will be good to see his experienced flair on the field again and we should see some good running from the back line. Christo “the elastic man” Terblanche will kick start proceedings at his preferred position at 9. Yale Jameson will enthral us once again with his youthful enthusiasm and great carrying skills as he thunders over the advantage line. Ryan Massyn moves to 13 and we hope to see him blossom in his preferred position. Dylan “danger boy” Barkas moves to left wing where his stepping skills are sure to put many defenders on the wrong foot. Depending on fitness the other wing berth will be taken up by Donny “danger” Venter or by the in form Gerard “oupa” Pedersen. Louis “I promise never to skip pass again” Gabriel will hold up the fort at 15 and will make reparations by scoring at least two tries!

The engine room of the side will comprise of Jarrod Amon, Ziyaad Fredericks and Adrian Cleophas in the front row, Sean “malletjie” Mollentze and Craig “crazy” Davies at lock. Brodie “the bruiser” Blows, Devon “digger” Fester and Eddie “I love to sing” Ntaka will make up the back three.

Weather permitting it’s sure to be a tough, muddy rumble at Brookside. To some extent and purpose much like our season, however the one thing the coaching staff are excited about is the renewed fighting spirit being shown by the boys and we welcome with open arms any side that wants to be on the receiving end of the 1st XV when in hunting mode.

Villager FC Lineup:

1. J Amon 2. Z Fredericks 3. A Cleophas 4. S Mollentze 5. C Davies 6. D Fester 7. B Blows 8, E Ntaka 9. C Terblanche 10. T Marsh 11, D Barkas 12. Y Jameson 13. R Massyn 14. D Venter 15. L Gabriel 16. Z Abrahams 17. J kaiser 18. K Ngwanya 19. G Pedersen


Villager 1st XV Hamlets 1st XV Villager A 16:00
Villager 2nd XV Hamlets 2nd XV Villager A 14:45
Villager 3rd XV Hamlets 3rd XV Villager A 13:25
Villager u20A Hamlets u20A Villager B 13:25