False Bay Run Riot

On entering the tight, cramped and airless change room after the disappointing 66-0 loss, the cloying smell of sweat and toil hung densely in the air. Dejected faces stared either at the cold concrete floor or were cast upwards towards the heavens as if imploring to be sucked up and away into the vacuum of the universe. It rips a coaches heart asunder when confronted by such a sight and words which earlier seemed so readily available have now leave you mute.

It was a hard battle, the first half saw the Bay throw their forces at us with a fury that left our boys reeling from the impact and with the half time score being in the forties the table was set for the Bay to consolidate on a good platform and run us rampant in the second half. Our boys regained some composure in this period and started to have some influence on the game however it could not be converted into points, even though penalty kicks were on offer to go for poles, the boys backed themselves and took the line out option.

66-0, the coaches Bruce Fraser and Kirsten Marshall walked into the den of despair. On reflection we had to make it clear to the boys that whilst a loss, and a sore one at that, the reality was the Bay had put a side onto the park that was probably the best they have ever had at the club, filled with top level experienced rugby players probably with a combination of over at least 1000 caps.

We have a young, inexperienced side and Marshall put it nicely into context when he said ” remember how you feel right now, in 2 to 3 seasons time some other team just like yourself will be sitting here having just been beaten by you, its a learning curve and its all about gaining experience” Apt words for an apt situation and makes us remember that every team if it puts in the hard work, sets its goals high, retains its player base will grow from strength to strength as the seasons go by.

This is the path we are on right now, an holistic and ethical path that will see the The Dirty Whites retain their top position within the club rugby scene in the not so far future.

-Bruce Fraser