2nd XV Villager FC vs Violets

2nd XV Villager FC 64 - 0 Violets
19 Aug 2016 - 19:45

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A Record Breaking performance by the Village Vikings on Friday night, winning handsomely 64 – 0.

It has been the theme of the season for the 2nd team this year that when things go wrong they go wrong horribly. However, on Friday night it was proven that when things go right they go right perfectly. The game started very late and the referee had to shorten the game by 10 minutes per half in order to finish in time for the 1st team game to start on time. Initially the worry was that this delay would cause some disruption to the 2nds, but that could not have been further from the truth as they scored the first of their five tries of the first half within the second minute of the game. Dominating all aspects of the game the Vikings scrummed, mauled their way to the visitor’s try line on regular occasions. Scorers of the first half:

2nd minute           Junaid Joseph                    Conversion Dillyn Ranger            7 – 0

5th minute           Brandon Hamman               Conversion Dillyn Ranger         14 – 0

13th minute         Antoine Du Blanc                                                                       19 – 0

21st minute         Joel Murphy                                                                                 24 – 0

25th minute         Fayhaad Naidoo                  Conversion Dillyn Ranger          31 – 0

The 2nd half started a little slower. The Vikings kept their composure and even though the game was very loose, played some very good structured rugby. All the hours of training and practicing set moves paid off as the scoreboard continued to tick over. Scorers of the second half:

5th minute           Ant Moss                             Conversion Dillyn Ranger             38 – 0

10th minute         Eddie Ntaka                                                                                  43 – 0

13th minute         Rafeeq September             Conversion Dillyn Ranger             50 – 0

19th minute         Tohier Keraan                    Conversion Dillyn Ranger              57 – 0

23rd minute         Junaid Joseph                    Conversion Dillyn Ranger              64 – 0

A truly brilliant performance by the Vikings. With one more game left in the season, let’s hope for even more fireworks from this team against Bellville.