u20 Villager FC vs Collegians

u20 Villager FC 24 - 15 Collegians
27 May 2016 - 18:30

It was a very good day for the Villager boys in the office, showing very good discipline against a side like Collegians. Collegians were strong on their way to the try line, but Villagers defense were just to good and had Collegians under huge pressure witch forced them to make a mistake witch lead to a very good try from our winger ( Wasseem ) running it all the way down the touch line from our own 22m line to score in the corner. There after the Villlagers boys were on the front foot with the forwards working extremely hard to ensure that both our flanks ( Noor and Andrei ) goes over the try line of the same set piece. Villagers leading the first half with 19 points to 5.



The second half was a real tuff one with Collegians really starting to run the ball witch led them over the try line twice, but with Villagers fighting back showing true discipline and skills, Noor Petersen went over for his second try of the match, ensuring a very good win by the Villagers U20 team with a victory of 24 point to 15.