u20 Villager FC vs Macassar

Macassar 7 - 15 u20 Villager FC
02 Apr 2016 - 13:35

Villagers started very good with back to back pentalties after the first two scrums. The first try scored by Tiago Paraskeva of a very good driving maul of the line out, put Villagers in the lead 5-0. Villagers had Macassar on the back foot at every scrum and this resulted in a penalty try early in second half witch put villagers in the lead 10-0, not long after this villagers outside center Ilayse Pierersen scored a very well deserved try by breaking through their defensive line witch put them in a 15-0 lead. Macassar then went to score a try with about 8minutes left to play witch made the end result in a 15-7 victory for Villagers over Macassar.