Golden praise for the ‘Right Reasons’

Gary Gold, former Villager FC coach, Springbok assistant coach and current Director of Rugby at Bath, has endorsed the amateur direction that Villager FC has undertaken in 2013 returning the club to its founding principles of playing rugby for the right reasons.

This endorsement has further reiterated that the club has taken the right step, although not an easy one, towards ensuring Villager FC has a bright and sustainable future.

Gary Golds message below:

Dear Gunner, Kirsten and all loyal Villager men.

I really want to wish you all the very best in your incredible venture, to re ignite the enthusiasm and success at the incredible Villager FC.

I find your efforts and enthusiasm incredibly inspiring in what has now become a professional game where money has a tendency to call the shots. But I also find a remarkable irony in your task, in that your efforts being driven by your motto ” Play rugby for the right reasons” are the exact principles that the great club was built on all those years ago.

So many great rugby people have Villagers to thank for, not only great memories, but also for establishing their incredible careers in rugby.

I know that the last few years have been a tough time for the men in white, but in the context of their rich history, it should be a blip on the radar, and I cannot wait to pop down to visit you guys, my good mate Martin in the bar, and all of you special men who will be involved in getting VFC back to where they belong.

You go with my very best wishes, as mentioned earlier, I have so much to thank Villagers for helping me enjoy my career in rugby, so you will always have my utmost support.

Good luck and enjoy the adventure

Kind regards,

Gary Gold