Its pre-season time again!

Yes gents it is that time of the year again where you suddenly realise how far you have fallen victim to the excesses of the festive season, and in the words of many a family member you have become ‘festively plump’. Happily the ‘dirty Whites’ begin pre-season preparations this coming Monday, 20th January at 18:15.  

The traditional approach for pre-season preparation has been done in a way that generally puts fear into many a player, excuses become the norm and the enjoyment factor of playing rugby diminishes rather quickly after the umpteenth 400 or shuttle run. Villager FC have decided to tackle the pre-season differently this year with a focus on actually making pre-season FUN, but at the same time tough.

Sounds impossible right? Pre-season should be about blood, sweat and tears right? We agree, but with a vastly different approach, players at Villager FC will experience the kind of preparation where you actually want to come down and be a part of it.

Villager FC will be built on the solid grounding of ‘Rugby for the RIGHT REASONS’ thus with this in mind we feel pre-season, as well as the entire years training, will be designed in such a way that ensures all players are improving their skills, decision making, conditioning and understanding of the game in an environment that is fun and conducive to building the type of atmosphere players embrace.

Remember ALL players, no matter their current abilities, fitness levels or playing experience are welcome to join in the pre-season at any time. To be a part of this special journey join us on the 20th of January at 18:15

Pre-Season days and times:

Starts 20th Jan then every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after that. Start 18:15.

Pre-season friendly games:

February 1: Villager 10s

February 6 – 8: Cape Town Tens

February 17: Usulta (Argentina)

February 25: Sante Fe (Argentina)

March 1: Hindu (Argentina)

March 8: Helderberg (H)

March 10: Internal trials

March 15: Internal trials

March 22: Bellville (A)