Match Preview: Shebeen Boys vs False Bay 4th

Pat Riley, famous NBA player and coach, reckons that “there is always motivation to win”. He speaks to the fact that most teams stop before they really reach their goal- being motivated is not the goal! Motivation separates no individuals, separates no teams, gives no one the edge. Everyone is motivated. But, that mountain climber on Everest cannot will a flame to ignite without a spark, they lose that battle every time. Motivation is like a litre of Castle at a beer tasting session- it’s important, it will keep things moving along, but it certainly does not mean you have achieved beer-lightenment.

For those elite few, that special breed of human that take it to the next level, motivation is but fuel- the spark NEEDS to ignite it. For our elite, our Shebeen legends who don the green and white week in and week out. For our Boys who put everything on the line in the hopes of giving every Shebeen member a sweeter, juicier, more invigorating sip of that sweet nectar after a beautiful win. For our boys, that perfect moment of fuel and spark is now. NOW is the moment, that galvanic current runs through our bones! That sudden flash of flint on steel has ignited the fuel!

G and all that he is and stands for has galvanised this motley crew into the most motivated and sparked up group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure if being involved with, and it is contagious! Our elite, which travel to the Bay stronghold, and take on a juggernaut-like 4ths team this evening, will be safe in the assumption that every man on that field is playing for them. That every Shebeen Boy on the park will be running his guts out to do the man next to him proud.

This elite, galvanised group of players going to the enemies lair and daring to fight for that win:

It’s been a while since Biggie has “Fishoeked up the jol”, but tonight promises a beautiful return to the front row for this Shebeen favourite. Joining him in the front row is birthday boy (pourer, perhaps?), Lyle Johnson. Back in his favourite spot between two chunky lads, Aaron Herbert dons the number two. One of his biggest fans has said, “Watching him come up through the ranks, I didn’t think there was anything he couldn’t hit on the nail when throwing a rugby ball” [B. Du Plessis]. A slightly new look 4 and 5, lineout god Brendan Hepburn is joined by the nigh-impossible to pin down Gavin Witte. In his first appearance since the first game of the season (pourer, perhaps?), the bearded man joins our Hispanic jumper to round off the tight 5. The loose trio has been shuffled somewhat, with space-cadet Richard Den Das making the trip from Dangerworld to pull on the number 6 jumper. Rumour has it he will be completely sober for the first time since he started losing his hair! Shifting from hooker to flank with the grace and flair of a runway model, Tyler Reichardt will be looking to steal everything in sight this evening. And rounding off the forwards, ever-full-of-gees Kieran Casserley will be doing his utmost to moer a Bay Charna, his favourite past time.

As usual, the backline is SICK! Sharing not only rugby genes, the Stemcell combo is back and it is ready for action! Ironman Robbie Stemmet will be feeding Gworm Richard Stemmet with some beautiful go- forward ball. Slotting into the 12 and 13 berths, Safe as houses and with flair for days, Troy Cunningham and Justin Haynes will be looking to cut some cheese in the midfield. The plan from these playmakers will be to unleash the devastating pace and swag that French Flair (less Robby Watkins tonight) bring on the outside. Darrin Paige and Callan Souma have only just left the Tiger dancefloor, so they are warm and ready to step a Bay Boychay. Slotting in at 15 after taking a week out to save Japan from a giant Tsunami, Superman Matt van Eeden rounds off the starting 15 with some exceptional guns.

The Bay Boets will be hoping our bench don’t come on, as it is heat! Front row sub Dieter Schreiber brings some necessary experience to close out in the last 15 of what is sure to be a tight game. He is joined by none other than our high-flying Greek, Nik Vetsos, making his first appearance for Shebeen this season (Pourer, perhaps?). On the bench for the locks, Bergamasco Dan Searle, who absolutely hates a tackle… Our own philosopher, though on full time dual encrypted-mode on Whatsapp, Smitty JJ is keen to get stuck in when one of the loosies has had enough feasting on the Bay ball. Good to see lightning quick Christo Terblanche joining the bench again. Look for Toes to bemuse and befuddle a couple of the Bay Okes with his show and go. Unable to cope with the demand on his nutritionist services,  Courtney Chase sits bench so that he has a reason to ignore all of the followers of his new diet. Chalks will be keen to get on the park anywhere he is needed. Last but not least, one of the cleanest men on the park last week (though probably because no one can catch him), will be looking to keep his whites white while gassing Boets on the outside, is Kent Davids.

Now is the time manne. We have fuel, we have spark, and we sure as hell have FIRE! Let’s light up the Bay that it rains green and white flames when they close their eyes at night! Time to burn down house down.