Match Preview: Shebeen Boys vs False Bay FIFO

After a run of uninspiring (and unlikely) results, our lads are incredibly keen to get back into winning ways in a big way!

This should be an interesting one, as we have a seriously strong squad going through. Up front, we Mike van Schalkwyk returning from pre-season with False Bay 1st XV squad- I reckon he got over their rubbish banter. He is joined in the trio by utility forward (and Men’s Health model) Tyler Reichardt, and find-of-the-season, Lee Nicholson, who just sh*ts man of the match performances! Captain Fabio Brogneri moves back into the second row with Brendan Hepburn after an excellent showing at 8th man last week- Mike and Fabs in one forward pack add a load of grunt and size to our generally smaller and more mobile pack. Lineout God Heppers is sure travel to the Bay to poach a lot of ball (and their women). Up front, now almost veteran prop and team quota Bob Bedingham is joined by Shanti Stewarts and Aaron Herbert, who are both making names for themselves in their maiden Shebeen seasons.

Warren Hill is back in the mix after a week off to rest his shoulder, and likely to smoke a few gents on the outside through sheer pace at 15. Joining him in the back three, with no less pace, gees, or ability to impress on the Tiger dance floor, Callan Souma and Ryan Reaper don the 14 and 11 jerseys respectively. Outside our stalwart play maker and current chairman, Richard Stemmet, we have a new, but flippen exciting centre combo running onto the field. Gworm will be unleashing resident Greek (I think) Nick Andrianatos and blisteringly quick Christo “Toes” Terblanche. Tieing the two sets together is Brett Flugel, who I don’t actually know anything about…

Our bench reads like a who’s who of potentially poached reserve league players, such is the quality available! Up front, Dieter Schreiber, Alwie, Colin Morgan and Kieran Casserley look to make huge go-forward impact in the last third of what is sure to be an energy sapping game. In the back line, ready to capitalise on the hard work of the forwards, we have Bryan Morgan, Justin Haynes and fullback/flank/lock/flyhalf/centre, Courtney Chase.

There is sure to be a lot of gees on the side lines, though a lot of it will be in support of the home teams. Interestingly, a FIFO forward now lives with our chairman, and Worm reckons he caught a glimmer of fear in the prop’s eye this morning, as he stared him down over a orange juice and bran muffin brekkie. Can’t get much more intimidating than that, surely??

While I know it will be an epic game to watch, and the vibe will be fantastic, if any of the old boys are at a loose end this evening, some shouting from the sidelines and beers after the game would be much appreciated by the lads!

Kick off will be at 19:15 under those dodgy lights of theirs! If anyone can make it, have a lekker one!




Shebeen Starting XV:

1. Shanti Stewarts 2. Aaron Herbert 3. Bob Bedingham 4. Brendan Hepburn 5. Fabio Brogneri © 6. Lee Nicholson 7. Tyler Reichardt 8. Mike Van Schalkwyk 9. Brett Flugel 10. Richard Stemmet 11. Ryan reaper 12. Nick Adrianatos 13. Christo Terblanche 14. Callan Souma 15. Warren Hill

16. Dieter Schreiber 17. Alwie 18. Colin Morgan 19. Kieran Casserly 20. Bryan Morgan 21. Courtney Chase 22. Justin Haynes