Shebeen Boys

Match Preview: Shebeen Boys vs MC Marais

What makes a great team? Some might say it is in the talent of the individuals, leading to victories. Others would laud the skills of those directing the individuals to get the most out of them as a unit. Others still would claim that it is blind luck- that once in a blue moon this serendipitous world randomly throws a group together that combines to be great, in spite of the promised anonymity they once faced. Shebeen certainly have talented individuals. Talent oozes from these pores like perspiration from a fat kid in a sauna (we have some of those too). Shebeen certainly has skilful individuals steering the ship, extracting every last drop of gees out of this group that find themselves flung together on this beautiful journey.

One thing that we definitely cannot disagree with, though, is that the Gods smiled upon us and blessed us with the luck to be right here, and right now. Shebeen Boys can glance either side of them on or off the field (or perhaps at their data-chewing machines that house the Shebeen Whatsapp group) and take comfort in what they see. Not far off is a brother that is willing to fling his (often out of shape) body into a fracas on the field, or perhaps offer a cold beer and a word of advice for those matters more personal and close to home. One cannot deny the family that you are part of as a Shebeen Boy, and now is the time fight tooth and nail for that very unit that has brought us to this very point.

Out on that field against MC Marais tonight, Shebeen brothers are not only fighting to resurrect a stumbling season, but they want to prove a point- being a Shebeen Boy is more glorious and rewarding than one could ever imagine. Though we lose with dignity, we win with grace and celebrate as if the very nectar of the Gods will dry up if we do not! And as Bobby Light once said, “Tonight, we celebrate a legendary victory like only Shebeen Boys can! Here’s to the pourer, the pourer… (Nicholas Andrianatos)”.

The Shebeen Boys putting it all on the line tonight against a very solid MC Marais unit, on our home ground at Villager FC:

Upfront, Dieter Schreiber and Nikalos Vetsos are finally re-united in a prop unit that served Shebeen well for a number of seasons. Vetty will also be keen to take his spot in the flyhalf channel now and then to up the creative ante too. Lineout throwing goliath Aaron Herbert will probably make mincemeat of the famous Cape Town winds as he nails his jumpers every. Single. Time. The man who needs no practice, Karl Bergemann, finally gets an opportunity to pack down in the second row after some time spent (some would say relatively successfully) away from the coal room. He is joined by Chris Scott, who must be chomping at the bit after last week’s game cancellation. I’ve heard he likes to hit an oke hard now and then. The back three is a thing of beauty. Magical Lee Nicholson puts some more glue on his mitts at breakdown time, and will be ably assisted by blonde bombshell, Tyler Reichardt, who should be fresh after a stint overseas. No doubt, Ty has a few tricks up his sleeve that he learnt from those filthy Poms… Rounding off the back three is Mike van Schalkwyk. Mike had his pass book signed and will be keen to get in as much action after being an enigma for the last while.

In the backs, Shebeen have put a powerful, talented and really really kweeeek group of individuals on the park (aside from Gworm). Ironman Stemmet is set to lead the team from the base of the rucks tonight, and will want to put in a huge performance to get the boys geed up for the encounter! His boet, fairly talented (though not overly so), Richard Stemmet, will be excited about all the room for activites on his outside! The midfield remains unchanged from last week, with Troy Cunningham and Matt van Eden once more forming a dominant, almost superhuman combo at 12 and 13. The team’s token for the evening is the man with the crazy hair and crazier feet, Kent Davids. Sideshow Bob would love a try or two against this foe. Moving from fullback to wing, Callan Souma has this game waxed and will probably step at least 12 of the opposition tonight, just for the gees. Rounding off the run on side, Lighting Christo Terblanche just re-iterates the “Rolls Royce” feel to the back line selected.

On the bench, Smitty is in. He had this to say in a chat we had about the game the other day, “Ij lenf keen if id gt s2m jarm time. Here’s to the pourer (Nicholas Adrianatos)”. Words to truly live by. Club captain, and returning from injury is talismanic second rower, Fabio Brogneri. Joining him in returning from a long injury layoff is Eddie Ntaka. His finger seems to be on the mend, which is lekker. Soft spoken, but hard as nails Daniel Searle will cover any position we need really. Keen to get on at 9, the Pouring Greek Nick A will want to put in a performance worthy of his imminent rewards post match. Hairiest Shebeen in its history, Devon van Schalkwyk and least hairy Shebeen in its history, Tin Tin Watkins round off the bench.

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemon, make lemonade. But what happens if life has given you kegs upon kegs of glorious SAB product? You open it, call your group of mates over and enjoy the shite out of those kegs. And you don’t stop enjoying until the kegs are done! Then you send the hat around and try scrape some cash together to go buy some quartz just to keep the jol going. Tonight, on that field, you boys go out there and make yourselves as thirsty as you can in pursuit of a famous victory. Put it all on the line for the lads, and you will be rewarded with endless amounts of beer and Shebeen gees. At the end of the day, is there a more worthy cause than that???

Kick off is at 7:30 tonight, come down and watch these absolute legends take on MC Marais in one of the biggest games of our season!