Match Preview: Shebeen Boys vs The Fourths

Every hero has a nemesis. Without Professor Zoom, The Flash wouldn’t have a reason to kick into top gear. Without Lex Luther, Clarke Kent would be just that, Clarke Kent. Without Darth Vader, Luke would literally be nothing (no seriously, Vader is his pops… sorry for the spoiler). Without a nemesis, there can be no hero in fact! Thankfully for The Shebeen Boys, we are not lacking in that department.

If we gaze back into the depths of Shebeen history, one will clearly note the humble beginnings our club endured at the hands of our nemesis. It is difficult to ignore that once, we were weak- taking to the field was the victory in itself, and they were assured of triumph. The behemoth would roll forward and destroy all in its path, no Shebeen Boy was spared the agony and humiliation. We were scorned, second-class rugby players. Trodden on for being small, for lacking strength, for having no purpose and direction. The villain in this fable was on top, and the hero suffocating under the dominance.

True to life, though, the real hero finds solace somewhere in their darkest hour. Somehow, they find the determination to overcome even the most villainous of enemies. The small victories fed the hunger of the Shebeen Boys- the games lost by a last gasp penalty, the scrums and lineouts won against the behemoth, the superior performances of our backline once we got some front foot ball!

And then, one sunny Saturday on the Green Mile, with the masses baying for the blood of Shebeen Boys, the turning point came. The Shebeen hero struck a death-knell that signalled the end of the nemesis’ domination! From that moment on it has been a frenetic back and forth to assert and re-assert control. We are in the centre of the fight for supremacy- tonight is not the end! It will not signal the conclusion of the war! The winner tonight merely dines in glory as the opposition lick their wounds and plot revenge.

Until the day we are able to vanquish the nemesis for good, Shebeen MUST persevere, we MUST remain on top and not allow The back into this war! Until that day comes, Shebeen cannot give an inch in the war against our own Goliath. The “Davids” taking to the field tonight at 19:00:

“Azza” Herbert​, whose superpower is chucking a rugby ball half a mile and landing it on an old R2 coin, props up the scrum tonight with the help of our big, bruising, “Man Mountain” Johnson​. At hooker, taking a break from FTV parties on the French Riviera, “Ty” Reichardt​ improves probabilities of a Shebeen Boy pulling after the game tonight. A new pairing at lock for the evening, little is known about Alwie and Chris, other than that they are Shebeen Boys, and therefore must be huge gees! Back in his preferred role, breakdown magician “Harry” Nicholson​ looks to apply his Velcro hands to The ball all night. Returning from who knows where, Colin Morgan​ slots in at 7 and will run the rucks like his pops does his business (bloody well). Last but not least, “I Klap Gym” Casserley​ is set to dine on his favourite meal, smash burger with a side of Fourths, at eigthman.

Hoping to keep the trend of backline dominance going, captain “Ironman” Stemmet​ might chuck a couple pearlers down the line this evening in the hopes of setting the boys free. Teaming up with Ironman is the human Glow Worm, Richard Stemmet​. After a great game last week, Gworm will be eager to exploit any weaknesses on offer tonight. Troy Cunningham​ again dons the number 12 jersey, a position he is staking a solid claim on. Quiet off the field, the are in for a world of hurt if they give Troy a bit of space with ball in hand. At 13 after a great game last week, “Superman” Van Eden​ will be running lines as slick as his hair in search of a bit of try time. On the wing, “Hey Arnold!” star Kent Davids​ will be hoping for some space, as he has more toe than a roman sandal. On the other wing, “Sonny can eat my nuts” Souma​ will be keen for a back-of-the-hand offload, as long as it is caught on camera! Rounding off the starting 15, speedster “Toes” Terblanche​ must be frothing for some ball and a player to step.

On the bench, waiting for their run at Goliath: Smitty JJ​ and Abu will add some fresh legs to the pack come the second half, with “Goefball” Witte​ filling into an unfamiliar second row berth. Dangerworld will be unoccupied tonight as “Danger” Den Das​ stumbles his way onto the bench. Scrumhalf on the bench, Tin Tin Watkins​ jumps off the ship for a quick game of ruggers. Result of a Lionel Richie “tour” to Cape Town about 22 years ago, “Derri” Page​ will be looking to make daddy proud when he gets a go. Last but not least, world-renowned nutritionist “Chalky” Chase​ will cast a slender figure in the backline late in the game.

‘Til the day that last crushing blow is dealt, the nemesis shall continue. Only on that day will true victory be ours- but until that day, each defeat weakens them, makes it harder for the behemoth to rumble forward. It is up to us, Shebeen heros, no one will do it for us. Our day in the sunshine rests on our own shoulder! Go out and take victory from them!