Match Preview: Shebeen Boys vs UCT

In the beginning, there was a week period where everything came into being. Light, dark, trees, grass, Eddy’s loud-hailer voice box… it was all there. Well, almost all there. What was forged over the next 13 years (anything pre-dating this is insignificant, thus was wiped from history) has taken blood, sweat, tears and an incredible THIRST!

The THIRST took root in the dank tunnels of UCT, where it grew to unbelievable proportions, culminating in an unbeaten 10th year. After outgrowing the dank tunnel from whence it came, the THIRST roamed the grasslands of local club rugby, searching for a new home. Down-trodden and on its last legs, with nothing but lonely Fridays and Dadbods on the horizon for eternity, there rose another tunnel. A tunnel as dank and dinghy as any other, a tunnel with a bar ON ITS CEILING, a tunnel to beat any other… the THIRST found the VFC home team’s tunnel.

It is within the confines of this very tunnel that tonight, one of the most eagerly awaited reserve league fixtures of the entire season will be prepped for. It is within the confines of this tunnel that the THIRST will plan it’s unpicking of the illustrious opponent, UCT’s MC Marais. It is within this dank, dinghy tunnel, surrounded by beer bottles, sniper juice and flairing Shebeen Boys that the THIRST will finally be quenched in celebration!

The team to try bring this hugely important win home is well balanced. It features brutality up front in the form of Captain Fabio Brogneri and Eightman Kieran Casserley. In the mix as always is hardworking newbie Lee Nicholson to round off a formidable pack. Tonight’s backline, on the other hand, is pure class and flair. Expect a masterclass in getting the ball into space from Justin Haynes, returning from injury, while on his outside the speed and vision of Warren Hill will round off an unbelievable line up. Expect huge performances off the bench from all- the entire bench is worthy of a starting berth!

Shebeen Starting XV:

1.Dieter Schreiber 2. Tyler Reichardt 3. Aaron Herbert 4. Brendan Hepburn 5. Fabio Brogneri © 6. Lee Nicholson 7. Edward Ntaka 8. Kieran Casserley 9. Robbie Stemmet 10. Richard Stemmet 11. Callan Souma 12. Justin Haynes 13. Devon Van Schalkwyk 14. Darrin Page 15. Warren Hill


16. Jason Smit 17. Lyle Johnson 18. Karl Bergemann 19. Nick Adrianatos 20. Troy Cunningham 21. Courtney Chase 22. Matt van Eeden