MATCH REPORT: 3rd XV vs Hamiltons

Friday evening saw the rambunctious thirds come to a humbling halt after two good wins. While some might say that it was a forgettable evening, the thirds would disagree with them. There is a lot that we intend to take away from the fixture and to use going forward. The scoreboard was unflattering, yes. As are the majority of childhood pictures taken by unintentionally cruel parents or loved ones. Thankfully, most of us grew and developed out of that awkward childhood phase and dare I say that presently some of the thirds don’t curdle milk at a glance. The point being that it is still early days for the thirds. There is a lot to learn and a lot of growth still to come. The thirds are a team with attitude and “gees”, and will move past the loss to play some entertaining and winning rugby in matches to come.

The game itself was actually better-fought than what that treacherous scoreboard might lead one to believe. The first twenty minutes saw the thirds down by only five points to zero. Sadly, it was the ensuing fifteen minutes in which the proverbial floodgates opened. We were out-classed in the scrum and missed several tackles in the one-on-one situations that ended up hurting us quite badly. Other than these two aspects, I would consider the first half to have been contested well, if not exactly evenly.

The second half saw much improvement with a few energy injections from the substitutes at various intervals. Sadly, we did not remedy our individual tackling deficiencies, but the team did show some serious grit when defending in our red-zone at close quarters. Hamiltons only managed to squeeze two tries past us in this half of improved vigour from the thirds. Toes even managed to create a great try with a skip pass to Aya on the wing running it in for our five points. The Hamiltons line was threatened on several other occasions, but with much effort the opposition managed to repel us.

The game was tough but played in good spirits despite the loss. We had good go and came away slightly bruised, but wiser for it. Much preparation will be made this week for our fixture against SK Walmers. We keep moving forward.

Jason Wulfsohn

3rds assistant coach