Match Report: 3rd XV vs Sir Lowrians

Yet another pleasant day for rugby in The Cape promised a game that would be enjoyable and flowing. The players, however, were treated to some less than pleasant hospitality by the home side. Sadly, the game was blighted by some off the ball antics and it eventually ended with a scuffle behind the poles with the Sir Lowrians spectators rushing the field to join the fray. While I’m sure that we weren’t exactly saints on the field, I don’t believe that we incited the aggression shown to us. For the most part, we reacted well to the situation.

Now to the game itself. Thankfully the 3rds came away as deserved victors. Again, we didn’t quite fire on all cylinders, but we did enough to keep them scoreless and rack-up a few “meat-pies” of our own. We played a bit frantically and to a pace that was more to the opposition’s liking than our own. The game was a bit scrappy and we occasionally ran away from our support to get isolated. Nevertheless, we ended the first half with two tries and one conversion.

The second half was improved. Veteran and team sage, Graham “Milf” Lindemann, (having earlier announced his retirement) decided that if this was to be his last half of rugby, it would be one in which he inspired fear in the hearts of the brittle opposition. Two bollocking runs saw the experienced campaigner make an estimated 70m with ball in hand while shrugging off half the opposition team. The words “gallant” and “majestic” could be heard from the side of the field. Before the game ended in chaos, we managed to run in three tries with one conversion. We should have scored a few more, but I think the team is happy to walk away with the “W” and good health.

Next week will see us take on the old rival on derby day. We intend to bring our A-game. We keep moving forward.