Match Report: 3rd XV vs SK Walmers

To lose a game of rugby is often a bitter pill to swallow, especially when players are putting in the effort at practices and their bodies on the line during the game. Yet, to lose a game in which you have beaten the opposition at every facet, bar the scoreboard, is a giant spoon of mother’s foulest cod liver oil that no amount of sugar can help get down.

Villager 3rds once again ran onto the field with a confident air about them, and not undeservedly. Once the whistle was blown, our boys entered the fray diligently. Our opponents brought their handbags for this fixture and proceeded to niggle throughout the contest. Thankfully, we showed immense discipline not to respond in kind. We got sucked into playing at their pace, resulting in a moderately high tempo first half. Our forwards were dominant at both lineouts and scrums, with the backline not really getting much opportunity to spread it wide due to a bit of miscommunication and rushing the play. Our opponents only really put pressure on us from the few occasions that we kicked on them. Our try came right before the halftime whistle from Gerry Pederson dotting down near the corner after some decent attacking play. Sadly, unconverted.

The second half saw more of the same, though maybe slightly improved. It appeared from the coaches’ area that we rushed our decisions in the red zone, and took a few poor options. It is maybe a lesson we needed to learn, that one should take the points that are on offer. A three-pointer would have put us two scores ahead. Soon after our foray into enemy territory, we found ourselves under a rare siege. A misplaced clearance kick was just what the SK Walmers’ doctor ordered for their malnourished score. Despite some valiant defense on the try line, SK snuck past us for an easily convertible try. This was to be the end result. Try and try as we might, we just couldn’t cross the whitewash or get another kickable penalty.

Ultimately, we got duped into playing at their pace, and panicked a little bit when we were close to the try-line. It will be remembered (or forgotten) as a game that we should have won, but didn’t. We keep moving forward.

Villagers 5
SK Walmers 7