Match Report: 3rd XV vs St Georges

I recall a John Smit post-match interview following a painful Bok loss. In this interview I remember a pearler from the captain, “Excuses are for losers… and today we lost.” I would like to latch onto this line in connection with our latest outing.

It was a day of miscommunication and blunders in many aspects. Individuals arriving late, getting left behind, forgetting things, etc. This is not a finger pointing exercise, but it is time that the team got a bit introspective before our next game. The thirds have aimed to achieve success by out preparing our opposition as best we can. Having said this, the pregame period was not our finest and this carried over into the game.

We dominated this game just as in the game against SK. Once again we got so much right but allowed St Georges to pounce on our mistakes and take the lead through a misguided pass and a 50m run in under the poles. Pushing the opposition scrum back 5m only to knock-on, is an example of our how we were our own worst enemy. The second half was slightly better, but again we let our opposition take the game through our own mistakes.

To be honest, this was a repeat of our loss against SK Walmers. It is extremely frustrating, as this third team is much better than the results are suggesting. It is important for us to start asking ourselves some questions and raise ourselves to better performances in the games to come. We keep moving forward.

St Georges 14

Villagers 10