Match Report: 3rd XV vs Tygerberg

The preparation for the Tygerberg game was one of intense focus and commitment from all the players which has to be commended and was one of the prime reasons for us running out victors in a game where we were not at our best.

The 2 week period of prep for Tygerberg began at kick-off in the previous fixture against Primrose and the team broke down the 2 week period after the previous fixtures into quarters, each with a target. This was vital as the commitment of the players to 3 practices a week was incredible to see and a pleasure to manage.

The result of this preparation was that we outclassed the opposition comprehensively on the field, however this turned out to be a frustration as well as when we got a sniff that we were fitter, more skilful and better prepared than our opposition we tried to play rugby off 1 or 2 phases instead of our more measured and patient approach.

This resulted in a frustrating opening 20 minutes of rugby where we camped on the Tygerberg tryline for the entire time, failing to capitalise due to forcing the play. Eventually a clever chip over the Tygerberg defence by Andrew Jones-Davies was duly scooped up by Dillan Ranger to put us 5-0 up into half-time.

The 2nd half saw us up the tempo in our play resulting in an easy penalty from the boot of Abdul Dollie, a player currently playing some fantastic rugby, but we still persisted with forcing the play instead of playing the phases and yet another 50/50 pass was capitalised by the Tygerberg attackers which resulted in a slender 8-5 lead.

It went once again to Jones-Davies to put yet another probing kick through, which he chased down to dot down in the corner with 2 minutes left, effectively ensuring the win. Tygerberg hit back with gusto, and we conceded a converted try in the last movement of the game to make the scoreboard a lot closer than reality.

Realistically we were never in a position where we could lose the match, but the frustration of the boys of leaving points on the field will be understandable. A huge positive for them however that they need to take forward is that they played below par and still won, a result of hard work and out preparation of their opponents. Now to out prepare Hamiltons chaps.

TRIES: Ranger, Jones-Davies