Match Report: 3rds vs False Bay

To plagiarise the name of a popular Scottish band from the 90’s, the conditions were simply Wet Wet Wet. We felt it in our fingers, we felt it in our toes. The rain was all around us, I’m glad Biggie stuck some throws…

I’ll stop destroying Milf and Gerrie’s favourite one-hit-wonder, and get onto the important stuff; rugby.

We were largely outplayed in most aspects, bar the scrums in which we held our own quite well. The lineouts were 50/50, but given the conditions it should be an acceptable grade. A sieve-like approach to defence was adopted by the players in the first half. Needless to say, this didn’t work. Poor individual tackling again standing out like a hipster in the Northern Suburbs.

After a few words at half time, there was a notable difference to our performance in the second half. Even coming close to the opposition try line on occasion. There were only three tries against us in the second half, compared to six in the first half. Putting the humbling loss aside, it is best that we focus on the improved second half as we move forward.

Despite a few losses, it is folly to write-off the 3rds from bouncing back with better performances. Attendance at practices in the next two weeks will be paramount. We keep moving forward.

False Bay 57

Villager 0