Match Report: vs Durbell Blues

The much anticipated matchup of two of the oldest reserve league sides was set to take place in the deep dark Northern Burbs of Dubanville, on Friday 24 April 2015.

This match up saw the pride of the south, the infamous, travelling from the stunning setting of Brookside to meet an age old rival in the Durbell Dutchies.

Kick off was set at 20h15, this was brave considering schedule 3 load shedding was a reality at this time of the year. Eskom however wanted to allow this North South derby to ensue and the kick off went according to schedule.

Village received the kick playing from the N1 side. It was a well received kick by Chris and Village attacked, setting up a ruck, Village kick and it goes direct into touch, line out to the Boer. Durbell attack, The Fourths are putting their bodies on the line with stunning defense and double up tacking. Defense 101.

Durbell finally realized that running at this formidable opponent will not pay off and at the first penalty they decided to go for posts.

Their fly off sticks it, 3-0 to Durbell, but the boys heads are still held high. Except Jeremy, he’s possibly concussed, but he labors on like a true soldier, good on ya lad!

Village kick off, Durbell attack, wave after wave, finally Village turn the ball over and Graham breaks the line, he is taken down like a lion tackling a antelope. Villages attack, but Durbell are very off sides, tsek!!! Penalty. Village kick for touch, amazing stuff, right in the corner of a Village line out. As a result of his glorious break Graham tears his hamstring, but he looked amazing doing it.

The line out was a gem, drive on, the ball came out and was knocked on. Durbell scrum.

Durbell have a monster pack, big hits in the front, they clear the ball and Yusri counters, he steps so hard that he, himself gets stepped, classic glitterball rugga.

Durbell retrieve the ball and spread it wide, a long 50 meter try down the Village right, followed by the conversion, 10-0.

Village restart, the lads are still positive, big defensive tackles by Village. They chip over the back behind Megatron, he chases back and ushers the ball into touch, Village line out on the five meter.

Village win the line out and Jeremy clears, but they are up quickly, surely offside’s, charge down, the ball goes wayward. Resulting in a five meter scrum.

Durbell attacks and the ball goes down the line, the outside centre busts through a gap and scores under the sticks (not Rikki), conversion follows, 17-0.

Village kick off, Durbell return the ball with a huge Gary Owen, miscommunication lead to a knock on by Village and a Durbell scrum follows, this resulted in a penalty to Durbell on half time way back between the half and ten meter lines. Missed opportunity by their fly half.

Half time whistle is blown. 17-0 to Durbell

Village kick off for the second half.

We are marred by injuries, a scrum in front of the Villagers try line results in Matty get popped like a champagne cork and injuring his neck, he gets carried off.

Village gain the ball and finally some attacking ball, but Village get tackled out, Durbell lineout but our forwards do us proud and steal it like candy from Jayman.

Village get a penalty, no time for this kicking game, so we run it. Durbell turns over and come back at Village like the Walking Dead, viciously with an 80 run diagonally, evading a clothesline from Jakes somehow. 24-0.

Durbell continues the onslaught, but some fantastic individual plays see Village back on the attack, we can’t hold it.

Durbell attacks, wave after wave, Village defense in tenacious, but eventually broken, 31-0 to Durbell.

This is where it remained.

An unfortunate result after a strong first 20 min.

Next up, a win for Village against UCT 4 at Brookside.