MATCH REPORT: vs Durbell

The much anticipated top of the table encounter The dust had just settled from a sweaty Dutchman filled affair. Namely the gut wrenching loss to Helderberg. The put in a big effort but were felt deflated and smelling slightly of a mixture of grease and brandy.

The momentum needed to shift. It was time for the sprit of the Fourths to come out and give some Afrikaans men a firm Poesklap.

The sun set and the crowds grew restless. The tension was thick in the air. Strange noises echoed over the field (Dan Wessles drinking brandy). The Boys run out onto the field. We knew that we were in for a fierce encounter. The Fourths were focused and ready.

The whistle pieced the dead quiet and we charged forward, headlong into battle. The opening exchanges were rough and both sides struggled for physical supremacy on the field. The men from the deep north had a potent backline. A backline of men who looks like they had been fed a combination horse steroids and malpiet for days! Our defense was however resolute for much of the opening 15mins of the game.

We managed through pace and sheer aerodynamic force of Dino’s nose, to score a massive 80m interception. One of our own, Fester, remarked that even he could catch Dino at touch. This day however Dino ran like rape eyes himself was after him. Geog managed to bang the ball over from the sideline for the full 7 points.

They manged to score a try on the right hand side of the field through some deft hands and pace. Their kicker, who had obviously had fantasies about touching Dereck Hougaard’s inner thigh, kicked the conversion over. We were now 7-7

Half time loomed and the Fourths were putting their bodies on the line, we wanted the win.

The second half was tighter than Damo in a pair of skinny jeans. We had fair cracks at posts but it was not to be. Their place kicking, Hougaard loving flyhalf, kicked one over. This made it 10-7 and thats where it stayed.

We played with heart and passion. Big hits and big scrums but that night, luck did not favor us. A big effort and great sprit. Tomorrow we teach UCT a lesson, Tomorrow we play glitterball