Match Report: vs False Bay FIFO

Friday the 18th of April sparked a big matchup for the boys, as they trudged along to Constantia for their second game of the 2015 season.

The were set to face long time rivals FIFO, or False Bay Fifths to those less averse with Reserve League lingo.

With a relatively new roster, a few change-ups in both the forward pack and backline, and one or two of the big-hitters sitting out due to injuries; the game was sure to be an interesting one. Having lost the previous week against the Shebeen Boys, all present were aware that something different needed to be done in order to secure the ‘W’.

The first half got off to a bang, and it was immediately apparent that the FIFO squad were there to play some hard rugby. But the were ready for them; holding off assault after assualt with the impenetrable prowess of the iron curtain during the 1960’s. Unfortunately, defending is tiresome work; and with a scramble on the Fourths tryline, the FIFO team went up 7-0 after scoring a mediocre try, and then subsequently converting it.

This pumped a little bit of life back in the boys, and as a unit, they started pushing the ball up into the FIFO half – creeping closer and closer to their try line. Eventually, thanks to a skilfull display from Chris Wilkinson at one of the breakdowns just inside FIFO’s 22, the were awarded a penalty. At this point, all eyes were on Jono ‘’Rapey Eyes’’ McKenzie, who proceeded to slot the ball through the middle of the posts with a poised accuracy that would put Mr. Miyagi and his chopsticks to shame. As the first half came to a close, the scoreboard read 7-3 to FIFO.

The second half came along and saw the likes of Terry Ncube, Che Arenz, Jeremy Foster, Eben Daniels, Zunaid Kapery, Yusri Williams and Aussie Jack Sheerin storm onto the field with a burning desire in their eyes. Unfortunately, the fire dwindled quickly after 2 tries and a conversion within the first 9 minutes of the second half had the scoreboard looking as follows: 19-3. But the boys weren’t defeated yet! A solid run by Terry Ncube, a dashing break by Karl ‘’Megatron’’ Springorum, and a great steal by Jono McKenzie saw a respite from the FIFO barrage. But alas, only one team can win on the night. The reigning champions of the Reserve League went went on to score another 7 points, sealing their victory. The final score was 26-3.

Thanks to the dependability of ESKOM, the boys took their drinking fines meeting outside onto the bleachers, where Matt Bannatyne was named DOD for getting a war-hardened samurai tattooed onto his arm a mere 2 days before the clash (what a warrior). A great gees from both teams saw many boat races and Ubers play their part at the False Bay Rugby Club. Man of the match (at the previous weeks DOD) Kevin Spiby got top honours for the evening.

Though the day was done and nights happenings didn’t go in the’s favour; the mood never soured, and the boys kept their heads up – ready to take on the Durbell the following Friday!