Match Report: Fourths vs Shebeen Boys

Friday the 12 of June was a very important match for the boys, as they trudged on towards their home ground to face their long-time rivals and fellow Village mate – The Shebeen Boys.

Both teams had something to prove going into this derby day – Shebeen were dedicating this game to their beloved team mate Ryan ‘’Gary’’ Reaper, who sustained a terrible injury a few weeks prior; and the Fourths went out to prove that their prior results weren’t accurate representation of how good they really are.

The first half got off to a bang, and it was immediately apparent that no team was here to have fun! Hard rugby was played by both teams straight from the kick-off, with the Fourths using their abundance of brawn to smash the ball from phase to phase with minimal fuss. This onslaught couldn’t go on forever, and the Shebeen boys went on to score the first try.

But fourths weren’t simply going to drop their heads and give up. With a stunning display of brute force and tactical prowess, they boys managed to get the ball to Devon ‘’Uncle Festor’’ Canning used his long frame to put the ball over the Shebeen try-line. Kevin ‘’Spongebob/ Lorax ’’ Spibey evened the score up with a conversion that practically glided through the poles on a nimbus cloud. Shortly before the end of the 1st half, debutant Keifer Smith came flying in with a dodgy looking tackle on one of the Shebeen boys, earning him a stint in the sin-bin. The first half ended with the score sitting at 7-7.

Second half kicked off with a bang, and a rather physical first half resulted in heavy breathing from both sides. But being a young and spritely bunch, the Shebeen boys capitalised on this, and Cali Souma sprinted down the wing from within his own 22 to score a try. The Shebeen Boys kept this advantage up; keeping the ball wide and letting their quick boys run the ball up for another try.

The final score was 13-25 to the Shebeen Boys, who definitely did their teammate Gary proud! The played hard, but one thing was apparent – it wasn’t hard enough! This was the last game before the mid-season break which couldn’t have come at a better time for the Fourths. If there’s one thing that could be said it’s that the boys need to think of this not as a four week break, but rather as a four week ‘Come to Jesus party’ – a four week  ‘pull finger, iron out what’s wrong and simply get it done‘ break!

Also, the would like to wish all of our Muslim friends, teammates and fans a Ramadan Mubarak! Best of luck with the coming month!