Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given of the AGM of Rugby Section Villagers Football Club to be held on​​Thursday, 20TH November 2014 at 18h00 at​​Brookside, 11 Imam Haron Road (Lansdowne Road),​​Claremont.

Nomination for Committee Members:

Candidates for election to office for any of the position on the Main Committee shall be required to have been nominated
Any such nomination may either be submitted:

• On the form provided
• On the form provided below and submitted to the Secretary by e-mail

The Agenda for the AGM will be as follow:

1. Notice of the Meeting
2. Welcome by the Chairman
3. Register & Apologies
4. Minutes of the previous AGM
5. Obituaries
6. President report
7. Financial report
8. Election of Office Bearers:
• The President
• The Chairman
• The Vice-Chairman
• The Treasurer
• Secretary
• Chairman of the House and Grounds
• Two Additional Members

Yours sincerely,

Villager FC