Villager Old Crocks

Old Crocks Survive

Dr Craig Roberts has announced that there were no major injuries (Heart attacks, coughed up lungs etc) after the Old Crocks first game of touch which was well attended, despite “that guys” (a.k.a Richard Smith) concerns. The only major concern after last night is Dino’s nose… which remains exceptionally large.

Coach Hieneken Meyer was also pleased with the performance of the lads.

Making special mention of Allan Payne’s searing pace on the wing and even went so far as to likening Ian Schnetler to Peter Pan who tirelessly ran circles around some of the younger Shebeen Boys who joined us. “I are particularly excited about our potential with some of Old Crock stalwarts still to come back from international duty with their wives and work commitments, players like Jik Mackenzie, Mike Duncan, Bomber McKenzie, Lawrence Edwards etc will no doubt provide the youthful experience to compliment the more experienced players in the squad”

Old Crocks gees coach, Nic Leader however was not at all impressed by the lack of company in the bar afterwards. Team management is expecting Nic to release a statement later today.

The old crocks will resume next Monday evening on the B field at the same time (That’s 6pm for those of us suffering from Alzheimers)

If you are over the hill… erm over 32 and want to be added to the Old Crocks mailing list, contact Graham Lindemann via email: