Right Reasons Rejuvenating Villager Rugby

Last year Villager FC committee members and coaches embarked on the ambitious plan to rejuvenate rugby at the club and in doing so may have led the way for other clubs to follow suit. Rugby for the right reasons has already born fruit for the club based at Brookside, as was witnessed in the first game of 2014 against Argentine touring side Santa Fe, and if Monday was anything to go by, the Dirty Whites are back with a bang. 

Pre-season training began just over a month ago with much trepidation from the coaches – would the ‘right reasons’ philosophy work in attracting new players to the club? The original fears were quickly allayed when 80 players turned up for the start of the season, a massive increase if one compared the turnout to the previous year. With many new faces at the club, preparation for the 2014 season began in earnest. Fitness and skills were the focus for much of the first month while the club ‘gees’ was encouraged at every turn for a club with no ‘gees’ is not much of a club at all.

The build up to the Santa Fe game was superb, new players were arriving every practice and the positive environment that is so crucial to the clubs future endeavours has been steadily growing as the players got to know each other while the dream of returning Villager FC to the Super League A has become the bonding agent that is so desired by many a coach. Nothing is more noble than being part of something bigger than your self and sacrificing your time in ensuring that the dream becomes a reality. This is what is starting to define the players at Villager FC.

The villager coaches were extremely pleased to have been able to put out 3 senior teams as well as one u20 side against Santa Fe so early in the season with many a player still undecided if they want to play rugby or not. The feat of turning out that many players in so short a time has got to be put down to the enormous efforts of head coach Andrew Hughes and his committed coaching staff as well as the constant support of the committee members.

It is no mean feat changing a clubs fortunes around, while it is still early days in the 2014 season, something is definitely brewing on Imam Haron Road. ‘Rugby for the right reasons’ means more than merely winning or losing, gaining promotion or being a major player in South African Club Rugby. The right reasons is based on creating an environment whereby every player is welcome at the club, no matter their abilities, for every member is a vital cog in rebuilding the club. At the same time the club aims to provide a place of belonging, ensuring everyone gets to play the game they love on a Saturday afternoon surrounded by their mates, is something not to be easily forgotten.

We encourage our members who have not been down to the club in a fair while to pop in and see for yourself what is happening at our famous club, we are on an extremely exciting phase of our clubs history and we would love to have our members, old and young, to join us each weekend as we aim to restore the club to the Super League A.

For those that are interested in playing for the Dirty Whites in our ambitious plan to redefine what club rugby stands for please fill in your details HERE and we will get back to you immediately.

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