Rugby Chairman’s Review: Hands and Hearts Weekend

After a long hiatus one would be forgiven for feeling a little apprehensive about the start of the second leg of the season against Hands and Hearts whom had already played the weekend before.

The weather for once was on our side and whilst not bathing in sunlight, the rain Gods were thankfully busy elsewhere. The spectators slowly but surely began to stream in and this heralded the start of the 3rds on the A field and the U20’s on the B field.

Unfortunately the Hands and Hearts U20 side failed to materialise, with our young men waiting for over an hour with the promise that the opposition were just around the corner. A huge disappointment for the young men from Brookside whom were champing at the bit to get back into the thick of things.

The 3rds showed the fact that they had perhaps taken the layoff a bit too lightly and the Hands and Hearts backline, full of energy and light-footed, proceeded to give our guys a bit of a conditioning session. Big hearts and a never say die attitude saw the 3rds go down 17-0.

The 2nds took to the field with a young RFU referee blowing his first senior game in SLB. This inexperience, unfortunately, saw the game degenerate into an opportunity for a bit of “huis moles” from Hands and Hearts after being dominated in every facet of the game. The 2nds showed tremendous maturity and composure during the turbulent second half and with 16 minutes still to play and with the boys in white, 26-0 up, the referee had had enough and ended the match.

Having watched the 2nd team match debacle one could only hope that the 1st team match was not to be played in the same vein. In this match Hands and Hearts displayed the style and composure of play that one expects of such an historical club. Both sides battled it out within the rules of the game. The Dirty Whites showed that the layoff had done nothing to dampen their desire to go through this season undefeated. Hands and Hearts threw everything bar the snoek carcass at them, their fans cheered and cajoled them on but the boys of Brookside stood resolute and ended eventual victors 45-10.

Overall a great way to start the second half of the season, we still have the league contenders to face in our final 4 games and it is going to take some serious focus by all sides to end the season on a high as a club. 4 games to go, 4 games to glory, 4 games as a team, 4 games as a club, forever a family.

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