Rugby Chairman’s Review: Pniel Villagers Weekend

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

A fresh, clear Friday evening saw Pniel Villagers, after a lengthy drive, arrive at Brookside for the penultimate game of the SLB season. To help facilitate the long journey the evening would see the U20’s kickoff on the B field at 19h00 (delayed) followed by the 3rds thereafter and with the 2nd’s kickoff at 19h45 and 1st’s on the A field at 21h00.

The U20 game was a toughly contested affair which resulted in no less than 5 serious injuries ranging from concussion to a broken forearm. Our Doctor, Leigh Gordon, could be forgiven for thinking she had landed up at the emergency room of Groote Schuur hospital. This period of emergencies kept me pretty busy as i ferried patients from the field to our medical room and as such missed out on the finer details of the game. Pniel coming out the victors in this encounter.

The 3rd’s and the 2nd’s kicked off their games and the enjoyment with which both these sides have been playing with of late came through in their comfortable defeats of their opposition. Some seriously entertaining rugby is being played by both these sides and the camaraderie is second to none.

The 1st XV game was the tightest this season and the match report will give you further insight. My preseason reserved hospital bed at Constantia Medi Clinic was calling to me as the game got closer to the end. Having been plunged to the depths of despair going 5-0 down then to be catapulted to the heights of jubilation to take the lead at 7-5 with minutes left in the game, left this old mans heart quivering in his chest!

It all comes down to the final match as to whom will claim the SLB title. Although there are various outstanding issues regarding previous fixtures which will have an effect on log points, we need to focus on the job at hand. A 3 year plan miraculously has presented itself within a year, it’s gone above and beyond what was anticipated however there is nothing more the club, coaches or management can do to make it a fairy tale ending. That responsibility rests with the 22 players that take to the field on Saturday at 16h00. It’s a unique opportunity to stamp their mark in the history of this illustrious club.

One game to go, one game to glory, one game as a team, one game as a club, forever a family.