SACS practice

An invitation was extended to the SACS 1XV to practice against the Villager 1XV. Graeme Wepener, the SACS Head Coach, agreed and a structured practice session was decided upon between the two coaches.

The SACS 1XV visited Brookside yesterday evening and the practice session proved to be a resounding success. The schoolboys were given a motivational talk before going off to join the Villager 1XV for a fitness and conditioning session. Thereafter, the formal practice session commenced which proved to be of much benefit to both teams.

After the practice session the SACS players enjoyed a pizza evening and then stayed on to participate in the monthly Thursday Club Quiz Competition. True Villager hospitality was evidenced throughout the evening which again demonstrated the Villager spirit.

Thanks must go to Graeme Wepener and his team. The SACS boys were fine ambassadors for their school and their politeness was remarked on by all. They are also fine rugby players and demonstrated much skill during the practice.

To Paul Reeves, Troy Lee and the 1XV players – you did the Villager FC proud and were all examples of what a special club we are all associated with. Thanks for your time and arranging a practice to include the SACS 1XV.

Just a reminder that this week the club has a bye and that next Saturday 13 August 2016 is the crunch match against Union-Milnerton at Brookside. Please come on down and lend your support to the men in white.

We hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.