u20 Villager FC vs Strand

The boys had a very tuff day at Strand, it was very trying conditions with the very strong wind blowing across the field. The boys found it very difficult to spread the ball out wide witch meant that the forwards had to be on top of their game. Villagers had a very early lead when the captain Pieter Jordaan went over for the first try, putting his side in the lead 5-0. Villagers went into the second half in the lead with 5 points over 0, Strand started to play very good running rugby and went over for their first try witch put them in the lead 7-5. The Villagers boys fought back and the flanker Noor Petersen went over the line to put the Villager boys back in the lead 10-7. This was not the best performance Villagers brought to the table so far in the season.