Villager 2014 launch Evening

Villager FC welcomed all past, current and future members to the 2014 season launch on Thursday 1 August, where the new 2014 head coach Gunner Hughes was officially introduced. The Villager 2014 vision was laid out and the highly anticipated new website was officially unveiled.

Members of the club were treated to a brief introduction of the clubs vision moving forward by current Rugby Chairman, Bruce Fraser, Club President Bossie Clark and incoming coach Oliver Steynor. The clubs bold decision not to pay players has been taken in various ways by members of the clubs community and the evening contributed towards addressing those questions they had. Bossie said it best when he admitted the club had learnt a lot in this current season and that moving forward, those lessons were vital in ensuring the club climbs back into the Super league A in 2015.

The appointment of Gunner Hughes has been seen as a positive move by various members of the Cape Town Rugby Community as his management skills and clear understanding of Rugby’s place in many young men’s lives will ensure the clubs 2014 motto “Rugby for the Right Reasons” will be fully realised. As Gunner said, “We want players to realise a 30 year association with the club to ensure the club builds true Villager members and not purchase their loyalty.”

The Villager 2014 seasons goals are very clear cut according to Oliver Steynor in his speech to the large crowd that gathered in the Brooksider Pub, the club focus on attracting players that have the aim to play rugby for the enjoyment, the friendships and the fact that these young men have a place they can call ‘home’. Steynor reiterated that “This is what club rugby is about, not to get paid, but to create memories.”

Ross Williams, the creator of the new Villager website, introduced the websites main aims and the vision in becoming the best club rugby website in South Africa. Ross believes a club such as Villager FC with it’s immense history deserves to have an internet presence befitting of a club of it’s stature, which is why the entire history of the club has been showcased together with the current players being profiled, to ensure both old and new have a reason with which to be proud of the site.

The evening was a great success for the club with a few hundred members attending and enjoying themselves at the bar afterwards. The fact that so many people attended is a testament to the clubs importance in South African club rugby and it was clear to see why so many people want Villager FC to regain its place in the Super League A in 2015.