Villager Cares

I strongly believe in giving. Not the type where you feel compelled to give because of guilt, that feeling many get when driving past the robots or walking on the street. No, I believe in the true spirit of helping others for the right reasons, not to make me feel good, but to truly help others in need. This was the mission behind the soup kitchen drive at the Haven Night Shelter in Wynberg.

You know there are times when you might think that your life is tough and that your issues are more serious than they actually are, but your situation only becomes apparent when you meet those that are truly at their lowest. One can pity those that are homeless or less fortunate than yourself, but when you actually meet these people only then do you realise how it can happen to anyone of us at any time.

The stories of lawyers, judges, teachers, businessmen having fallen on hard times and ending up at the shelter makes you really think about your current situation. The unfortunate reality of the modern world is that we only consider those less fortunate when someone close to you, or even you yourself, is in the same position.

This is why I believe the Haven Night Shelter does such a superb job in helping people back onto their feet. The Shelter has changed from a one night stop over into a home that does everything in their power to help their occupants find work, get an education or a skillset and eventually find a place of their own. The success stories of going from nothing to having a career and a house of their own truly makes me feel proud to be associated with them as I know there is a way out for those that need it.

The soup kitchen was a start, but I would like to do more for the shelter on a regular basis. If we are to truly give for the right reasons we cannot do once off drives and then forget. No, I want the club to make a difference for a long time. Thus our next mission is to build a small Library for the Shelter, so I call on our members to donate any unwanted books to The Brooksider Grill whenever they can.

I want to thank those members that donated clothes and essentials as well as to those that came and helped out on the day, especially the Shebeen Boys who came out enforce in their jerseys. Another big thank you goes to Matthew Withers of Action Pix Events for taking the photos without charge.