Villager FC 2nd XV vs MACASSAR Match Report

The 1st League game of the 2016 WP Super B Season kicked off at the home ground of unfamiliar opponents Macassar on Saturday. The Villager 2nd XV ended the week with a great session on Thursday night and the team was very excited heading into this game.

Macassar started the game very well and it was only some good defence right on the line that prevented them from scoring in the 1st 10 minutes. The Villager team took their time to defrost as the scrums originally started badly and the backline were beaten around the outside at regular occasions which led to the opening try as the Macassar wing crossed the line. Villagers did manage to get back in the game with a try by Ishaan Allie but still trailed at half time 10 – 5 as Macassar scored another break away try after  a blind side move from what was a very good scrum by the Villager pack.

Although we were now playing against an ever increasing wind in the 2nd half, the Villager team started like a shot from a gun. Great handling followed by good interplay from forwards and backs saw them camped in Macassar territory for what felt like the entire half. Wave after wave of drives had the Macassar team scrambling in their defence and although we crossed the line on several occasions we just could not manage to ground the ball as the referee indicated that the ball was held up even with the Villager players bouncing from the ground. This continued pressure eventually paid off in a great try scored by Oyesile Mtokonya followed by a Dillyn Ranger conversion. The score now 12 – 10 to Villagers.

Macassar then managed to retain the lead after a lapse in the Villager defence taking the score to 12 – 15 with 10 minutes to play.   As the time was running out Villagers threw everything into getting close to the line in order to set up the game winning move however this loose play resulted in an intercept for Macassar and would have been a clear try, but a great chase down by Rafique September stopped the advancing player and forced the turnover ball which caused a counter attack for Villagers and could so easily have been the winning move had the passes found the intended hands. As play continued Macassar forced a turnover themselves and with the Village defence nowhere after everyone was tied into the attack, they scored their 4th try of the day.

Final score 12 – 22.