Villager Partner with DripDrop ORS

As part of the larger Villager vision moving forward, we are happy to announce the partnership between ourselves and rehydration specialists Drip Drop for the remainder of the 2015 season.

Drip Drop, originally formulated by Dr. Eduardo Dolhun in 2010 who, after witnessing scores of people — many of them children — dying unnecessarily from dehydration, realised how effective Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) were at  combating dehydration on a massive scale.

Oral Rehydration Solutions were created by doctors more than 50 years ago to treat deadly dehydration in developing countries. Today ORS save over three million children around the world each year, and are recognized by Doctors Without Borders and the World Health Organization as one of the most important medical advances of the last century.

Today Drip Drop’s innovative formula has been adopted by an elite group of users including Rugby Canada, US Special Forces, Olympians and top-flight athletes, Stanford University Medical Center, The Mayo Clinic, UCSF Medical Center, and leading national pharmacies.

In South Africa, Drip Drop partners with various athletes and teams in a range of sports from former South African sprinter, Paul Gorries, and former Olympic 100 meter runner Geraldine Pillay, who now owns a sports agency that has already signed up some of the best new generation of sprinters in the country, amongst others there are Tamzin Thomas, Kyle Appel and Barend Koekemoer.

On the mountain bike side, pro biker Gordon Gilbert is donning the Drip Drop colours during his races, whilst in Rugby Drip Drop sponsors SACS High School, Jan van Riebeek High School and now Villager FC.

The partnership between Drip Drop and Villager FC will provide the 1st XV with Drip Drop for the remainder of the season ensuring they stay hydrated during games and recover quickly afterwards. Drip drop will also be sold on our online shop very soon.

Villager FC thanks Frank Sauer, South Africa’s Drip Drop distributor, for his wonderful contribution to the club for 2015.

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