Villager Sevens- Man of the Five Decades Awards

In keeping with the 2018 50th Villager Schools Sevens tournament, it was decided to bestow the honour of “Man of the Five Decades” on Dion O’Cuinneagain. Dion who represented Rondebosch Boys at the Villager School Sevens went on to represent SA Schools, WP, captain SA Sevens, and captain Ireland.

“Villagers were ahead of their time when they recognized the importance of Sevens Rugby. This was a brilliant way for players to learn how to use space in attack and defence. There is no better form of the game to show case a player’s skills, passing skip passes off both hands, side steps, fitness and aggressive tackling. In 14 minutes the average Sevens player does what the average loose forward does in 80 minutes of rugby in terms of carries, tackles and meters gained.

I still remember my Villagers Sevens fondly like it was yesterday. Playing under lights for my first time, representing my school’s 1st team for the first time and enjoying the thrill of Sevens in a tournament for the first time. I was fortunate to play in the tournament 3 times and even more fortunate to have got that Villagers Sevens T-shirt for playing. This was sought after by all school boy rugby players and I used to wear it with pride each summer.

Villagers Sevens was certainly the springboard for my rugby career and I was honoured to represent South African Sevens and captain them. I wish all the players good luck this year and encourage them to display their skills and create memories for years to come.”

Dion O’Cuinneagain