Villager FC - Fanport

Villager takes first steps towards building a successful brand

As the second oldest rugby club in South Africa, the Villager FC at 141 years old has an illustrious history both locally and internationally. The Brookside-based club has produced the most open club Springboks, an impressive number of provincial representatives as well as having won the domestic Super League A Competition on numerous occasions over the years.

In recent years, however, Villager has struggled to regain its former glories. But positive steps have been introduced since July 2016 which are slowly bearing fruit. Improving the branding and marketability of the club is one of the major focuses moving forward. Branding is important for a club no matter their size or league status. It becomes increasingly difficult to attract sponsors and players without the correct branding and marketing.

As a result of this focus, Villager has appointed Fanport as their marketing and branded clothing specialists. Fanport, founded in 2016, is made up of current Villager player, Matthew Rockhill, and former Villager committee member, Ross Munro Williams. Villager is most excited of having Fanport on board to assist in securing and, hopefully, enhancing the image of what is a famous rugby club.

The aim of Fanport assisting Villager is threefold:

  1. Market the club effectively online through the website and social media channels.
  2. Create a brand for the club through clothing and merchandise.
  3. Raise funds for the club.

One exciting area is the creation of a new clothing line which is hoped to create a positive energy amongst existing players and members. The clothing is designed to be casual and fashionable much like the items one would find in clothing shops. Items will be created for all age groups and genders to ensure maximum reach.

Fanport has a unique model whereby designs are offered free of charge to Villager, items are pre-ordered by members on the website and are then sent to print ensuring there is no wasted stock or upfront fees. This allows the club to offer a large range of clothing and designs to suit members’ tastes as far as possible. The clothing also serves as a fundraising method for the club where profits from the sale of every item are donated to the club. This gives the club a risk-free way to launch a desirable range of clothing without the need to sell every item to recoup costs.

To  support Villager and to view the new initial launch range of clothing please visit and pre-order your items now.