Villager FC

Villager Voice – 029

Dear Villager

This past Saturday was again a day at Villagers to savour in this 2017 league season. All four teams did battle against Bellville in the true spirit of rugby union. The after match atmosphere in the clubhouse was special with the Saggy Stone Player-of-the-Day Awards, the 1985 1XV members celebrating their reunion, the non-playing members enjoying the camaraderie, the players’ partners celebrating the victories and the Bellville players and their supporters joining in the fun, all well after the final whistle.

The results for the day were as follows:

1XV won 15 -13.

2XV won 37 – 8.

3XV won  31 – 8.

U20A won 31 – 17.

Special mention must be made of the 1XV who have completed their home league matches for the season without losing a home match. Two more difficult away matches against Kuils River and Violets now await before the season ends and the challenge needs to be embraced. A big thank you must go to all the sponsors whose logos are seen around the Brookside field and on the Villager playing jerseys. Thank you all for your kindness!!

A question that sadly needs to be asked after again witnessing the enjoyment this past Saturday is why are there Villager members who outside of the club spread negativity about the club? If there are perceived problems why don’t these members rather ask the relevant people who are at the coalface instead of asking “sources”? Why not assist the club and come forward and offer constructive criticism? That is a true Villager. The club will always welcome the experience and input of members for the betterment of Villagers. To run a rugby club in these times is extremely difficult and we at Villagers do not have all the answers.

This Saturday 19 August all 4 of our teams will be away to Kuils River in what will be tough encounters. The very best of luck to them all. On Friday 18 August Brookside will host the match WP U19 versus Leopards U19 at 15h00. To date this WP team has played some exciting rugby and remains unbeaten.

Over the last few days both our swimmers and our athletes have done South Africa proud. It was with much pride to watch their magnificent performances in all their medal awards and also the humility they displayed in their achievements. And let’s not forget Louis Oosthuizen who gave it his all in his second-place finish in the American PGA Championship.

Well, that’s it for this week then. Here’s hoping for more rain and we wish you all an enjoyable week.

Kind regards.

VFC Rugby Administration.