Villager FC vs Hamiltons

Villager Voice 2017 – 033

Dear Villager

The 2017 season has finally come to an end with our 36 – 42 semi final loss to Hamlets this past Saturday. The final score was close,  but on the day Hamlets deserved their victory. The match proved most valuable in our planning for the 2018 season as we did take the field without a high number of first choice stalwarts. It is now quite clear in which positions we have to acquire new players so as to improve on the player depth at the club. Super League A is an unforgiving competition and,  to survive,  player quality and depth is a non-negotiable.

However, we must again congratulate the 1XV coaches, team management and players on a wonderful 2017 season ending in the much-needed promotion. The team had to dig deep at times as a result of player non-availability, but at all times displayed the necessary fortitude to ensure success. In fact, it is interesting to note that in their last game this past Saturday 10 players who were first choice during the course of the season were absent. And again it must be emphasised the most important role the Seconds, Thirds and Under 20’s played in the promotion. Thank you to all!!

The Villager FC has already commenced with the critical planning for 2018. There are many challenges to be overcome and the greater Villager family will be key critical. As has been pointed out before, to go up to Super League A and down again in one season will definitely be the death blow to this famous club. There are many Villager members on the outside who have been critical of the club, but the club is back where it rightfully belongs and we now more than ever need those members on the inside. It will need a collective effort  – as we see at other well-known and successful non-student Super league A clubs – to guarantee future success and longevity.

This weekend will be strange without club rugby and all attention will no doubt be on the SA vs NZ clash. The Springboks, despite a poor first half, did very well to come back and almost win the game against Australia. They are a tight knit team and miles ahead of where they found themselves last year. But, the ultimate test will be the All Blacks and it is not just about whether the Boks win or lose. Whilst on the international sports front, it was a proud day for Kevin Anderson and SA tennis. Kevin certainly did give of his very best, but the finals’ experience of Nadal proved vital and he was a worthy and deserved US Open champion.

In closing, from all at the club, to those who supported the teams and the club this past 2017 season a huge thank you. We sincerely appreciate your support and, hopefully, the support will be much stronger in 2018. We hope you have an enjoyable week and pray that winter will still push into this first month of spring.

Kind regards.

VFC Rugby Administration.