Villager Voice 2017 – 002

Dear Villager

This weekend was made that much sweeter by a quite breathtaking performance by the Blitzbokke in Wellington, New Zealand. They are a joy to watch and their team spirit is of the highest order. Each member knows exactly what to do on the field, but is also not afraid to express his talents outside the structures. To comprehensively beat Fiji twice in the same tournament is not easy and the Blitzbokke did just that in style. Well done to the entire team  – they made South African rugby proud!

This past Sunday saw Villager and Hamilton Old Crocks lock horns in a Derby Cricket match at the Gary Kirsten Oval. The day had high drama with sixes, fours, great catches, spectacular dropped catches, very few singles (they say age has something to do with taking a sharp single) and much fun and banter. Graeme Smith, ex-Proteas captain, certainly gave the Villager bowlers food for thought on where to pitch the ball when bowling to him, but Bossie Clarke, Villager President, whilst batting also nonchalantly dispatched the Hamiltons bowlers to all areas of the field. The match was eventually won by Hamiltons and was followed by a wonderful fines meeting where honours were even. The after match festivities demonstrated the great camaraderie that exists between Villagers and Hamiltons – long may it last!!

The next Derby Day activity will be the darts evening that will take place at Hamiltons on Wednesday 22 February 2017. Teams of 2 will participate – should you wish to play please forward the names of your teams to this office.

Sadly, the Sidney Tobias story ended before it actually began. Players of Sidney’s calibre still want to participate at provincial level and an opportunity presented itself up north which Sidney could not turn down. Unfortunately, the problem of player recruitment and retention is of major concern to club rugby particularly if the player is not being remunerated.

The first Club 100 meeting took place in the Clubhouse on Thursday 26 January 2017. It was a most enjoyable first meeting and a privilege to be amongst the “older” members who have meant so much to the club in the past and are now again contributing towards the future. A big thank you to those members who could make the evening and to those members who forwarded their apologies. We do have busy diaries and, hopefully, those who could not attend  because of prior commitments will be able to make the next meeting on Thursday 23 February 2017 at 19h00.

Lastly, don’t forget that every Friday is “red socks day” for Villager members. Erik van Vlaanderen forwarded a wonderful photo of him wearing his red socks last Friday (he has to do some work on those calf muscles though if he is hinting on getting back onto the field again) – thanks Erik for demonstrating the Villager spirit and let’s see more and more red socks on Fridays.

May all the Villager members have an enjoyable week as we enter the month of February – no doubt you have already put some thought for Valentine’s Day.

Kind regards.

VFC Rugby Administration.