Villager Voice 2018 – 001

Dear Villager

It is only appropriate that, despite the year being well on its way, we wish all Villagers the very best for 2018. May it be a year of fun and laughter!

Preparation for Super League A began in all earnest on Monday 15 January 2018. We had a very good turnout of 50+ players and, together with the apologies from those players who could not attend,  the coaching staff were pleasantly surprised. 32 new players were welcomed to Brookside and this augers well for the season.


The 1XV coaches for the 2018 season are as follows :

– Clinton van Rensburg – Head Coach.

– Adiel Gallie – Assistant Backline Coach and also 2XV Head Coach.

– Paul Day – Scrumming Coach.

– Greg van Jaarsveld – Lineout and Breakdown Coach.

– Fitness and Conditioning Coach – Dan Mackenzie.


The pre-season programme is as follows :

– training camp in Robertson 9-11 March.

– friendly vs San Marco RFC (Argentina) 13 March (home).

– friendly vs Uni-Mil 17 March (away).

– Derby Day vs Hamiltons 24 March (home).

First Super League A match is on 7 April – fixtures will only be finalised end of February.

There have, sadly,  been administration changes over the festive season in that Dave Edwards and Rameez Ismail have moved on to further their careers elsewhere. The Villager FC wishes these two gentlemen everything of the very best in their future endeavours and sincerely thanks them for the yeomen service they unselfishly gave to the Villager FC. Hopefully, they will always remain Villagers and that we will see them both at Brookside on all our matchdays. Thank you Dave and Rameez!! Again, please also note the admin office telephone number : 021-6831282.

With the “builders’ holidays” now over, the upgrade of the clubhouse is about to commence. This past week saw all the contractors on site doing their calculations and assessments, all the old furniture has been removed and the “shell” now awaits its facelift. We are looking at a 4-week project and everything to be up and running smoothly for our first home match.

Club 100 will again be operating during the 2018 season. However, after feedback from the members a different schedule will be in operation in that Club 100 will only meet every second month (with a guest) starting end of February.  The club is a crucial element of the Villager FC and we sincerely thank all the members in advance. Invoices for the 2018 season will be forwarded in the next few days.

Please don’t forget Red Sock Friday for all Villager members. The Red Sock story began when 3 South African soldiers held in a prisoner-of-war camp during the Second World War promised to wear red socks to remember each other and always be “together” should they make it  back home alive. Today the spirit of Red Socks has spread across the world and has brought people from all walks of life together on their life journeys.

In closing, an appeal to all Villagers to walk with us in this challenging season as we need the support of all as we go about rebuilding the Villager FC. If you know of past members who have somehow lost touch with Villagers, convince them to come back and support the club. The members are the backbone of a club – where there is unity, there is victory!! The club needs your support!!

Kind regards.