Villager Voice 2018 – 006

Dear Villager

One does now get the feeling that the rugby season is well underway with the start of the Super15 Competition. The unfortunate situation is that all over the country club friendlies are in full swing except in the Western Cape. Quite frustrating!! To keep our players active we will be taking 2 senior teams and 1 Under 20 team to play against Saldanha in Saldanha Bay this coming Saturday. We will be bussing up which always proves to be entertaining and a good team builder. Then on the weekend of 9/10/11 March a large group of players will attend a training camp at the Saggy Stone farm in Robertson. The players will be sleeping in tents on the beautiful farm field and it is going to be a memorable weekend. A big thank you goes to Saggy Stone for making their facility available and entertaining the group on the Saturday night.

As previously reported, the Villager players have been special in their attendances at practices under trying and challenging circumstances. Last Thursday they enjoyed their first “koppestamp” session and it was most pleasing to see the energy and intensity. The players did not hold back and Villagers is blessed with special players for the 2018 season.

I must again kindly appeal to all the Villager non-playing members to support the club particularly in this period of playing inactivity. The support is needed to “survive” in this extraordinary season – therefore, renewal of club memberships and Club 100 memberships, visiting the club once the refurbishment is completed, are all vital in securing success. We are now a Super League A club on the field – let’s also be a Super League A club off the field!!

Well, there is nothing more to say about the Stormers or the Proteas other than disappointing!! But, on Saturday the Scots showed all and sundry what commitment and focus is all about. England were the clear favourites to win at Murrayfield, but after the gooseflesh singing of “Flower of Scotland” one had a feeling that the Scots were in the zone. And did they zone in!!??!! A great victory for Scotland which again proved how important the mental aspect is if you want to be victorious.

We are nearing the completion of the clubhouse. So watch this space for further details. Enjoy the week and all of the best.

Kind regards.

Rob Wagner.