Villager Voice 2018 – 009

Dear Villager

A squad of 46 Villager players travelled up to Clanwilliam this past Saturday as part of their team building and preparation for the season. This is the second year that we have visited Clanwilliam and the club and Villagers have developed a strong bond. Their hospitality is special and they sincerely appreciate the fact that Villagers is prepared to play rugby in their town. Both our teams proved to be too strong, but it was never going to be about results but more about testing our combinations, structures, game plan, teamwork, fitness levels, etc. The trip into the Boland proved to be a success and also most enjoyable.

You will shortly be receiving your invoices for club membership for 2018. Please let’s make a special effort to surpass our non-playing membership numbers of last year. Our playing numbers are up – so let’s do likewise with the non-playing numbers!! In this extraordinary season of a postponed league start, we more than ever need member subscriptions – and I’m sure it is quite clear to all just why this is so critical to the club. A reminder that once you have renewed your membership you will be entitled to club discount at the restaurant/bar.

Many people have questioned why the changes at Brookside. Well, if we remain static the club will stagnate and eventually cease to exist. It was of paramount importance to regain our Super League A status where we belong, to change the face of our clubhouse, to build a Committee Room, to start a Club 100, to have past team reunions, to have Friday red socks day, to resuscitate Derby Day, to have pre-season training camps at unusual venues, to introduce a kiddies play area, to grow our membership to what it was in the past, etc. etc. Show me another “working” club with our rich history, tradition, Springboks, rugby achievements – we all have an obligation to past generations to continually grow the club and keep it vibrant!!!! New Zealand rugby dominates because the current players and supporters are acutely aware of upholding the past – a past that they are all obligated to.

Well done to Ireland on winning the Six Nations and also for achieving the Grand Slam. They are a definite 2019 Rugby World Cup contender and with small rugby-playing numbers punch well above their weight. Also, well done to Robbie Fleck and the Stormers for their showing against the Blues despite the absence of key players – their game tempo and skill levels are on an upward curve.

All of the best for the week. The temperatures seem to indicate that autumn has arrived and, hopefully, the rains are only a short way behind. One wonders if one will ever in Cape Town soak in a bath again!!

Kind regards.

Rob  Wagner.