Villager Voice 2018 – 019

Dear Villager

This coming Saturday 26 May 2018 is the annual Derby Day between the Villager FC and the Hamilton-SP RFC at Brookside. Over the years there have been many epic encounters between these two clubs, but in the end the results have been irrelevant as the real meaning has been the upholding of history and tradition, and the building of friendships. We certainly hope to see many, many Villager supporters down at the club. There will be parking on the C Field with entry through the Queen Victoria Rd gate. The matches on Saturday are as follows:

13h30 B Field – Under 20A.

13h30 A Field – Thirds.

14h40 A Field – Seconds.

16h00 A Field – Firsts.

Hamiltons over the last few years has proven to be one of the top clubs in the Super League A (and in the country) and their leadership together with their members have built their teams collectively into a formidable force. Villagers, on the other hand, experienced the tough and uncompromising rigours of Super League B for the last few years, but 18 months ago embarked on a demanding programme to successfully get back into Super League A in 2018 and also change the direction of the club. In this time there have been many positive changes on many fronts as the rebuilding phase has begun in all earnest. The Villager FC is a proud club and despite starting afresh in 2018 we are relishing the challenge provided by our history and tradition.

It is for that very reason that the call has gone out to all connected with Villagers. It has to be a collective effort from within and outside the club. It cannot just be Anton Chait (the President), Gerhard Witte (the Chairman) and the Main Committee who voluntarily spend hours driving the club. The current players have an obligation (of which they have been made fully aware) and represent the first building block and can leave a legacy. Also, the ex-players who derived so much enjoyment from the club during their playing days are crucial and can greatly assist – non-player subs at only R500 are essential to the club and surely all who read this newsletter can find it in himself to say “I’m a proud Villager member and like I gave on the field in my playing days, I will now also give off the field!!” It is not a big ask and is simply about rugby family, pride, history and tradition!!

Rugby in South Africa is never dull and these past few days has again put us as a rugby-playing country in the spotlight. The England tour is just around the corner and will, no doubt, also evoke serious debate in South Africa. On a lighter note, the month of June will be a bumper TV month with the June internationals in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, the Under 20 World Rugby Champs and the Soccer World Cup.

Don’t forget the Eddie Jones talk at Brookside on Thursday 21June 2018 at 19h30. Tickets are available at R250 each and can be booked with Kim du Plessis at It will no doubt provide for fascinating insights into the current state of world rugby.

In closing, please note that our first Super League A fixture against Durbanville-Belville will be at Brookside on Saturday 2 June 2018. However, before then we hope to see you all down at Brookside for Derby Day on Saturday.

Kind regards.

Rob Wagner.