Villager Voice 2018 – 022

Dear Villager

Our second league fixture against Hamiltons again saw our 1XV and 2XV lose and our U20s end as victors. As was pointed out in the previous newsletter, Villagers is not yet where a club like Hamiltons finds itself as we are only in year 1 of a rebuilding phase. But one cannot fault the senior teams for the effort and commitment they put in on the day. It was also wonderful to have Mr and Mrs Roy Hammond down at the club on Saturday. Roy, a Vice President, did so much for the club on the coaching front and he will be remembered by countless Villagers.

There were the unfortunate grumblings in the club after the match, but as was also stated in the previous newsletter, the solution is simple and does not have to be spelt out. Again using the example of English soccer clubs – What does Manchester United have that Huddersfield Town does not have which results in one club competing for league honours and the other club fighting to prevent relegation?” Villagers needs support, support and more support in all its different forms!!

This coming Saturday 16 June we will be hosting the Tygerberg RFC at Brookside. The times for the matches will be as follows :

1XV A Field 15h00.

2XV A Field 13h40.

U20A A Field 12h25.

Come down and support our young men who need the presence of their supporters which gives them the sense of a united strong club (and stay on for the Second Test Match on the big screen).  Also, our new leadership team of Anton Chait, President, and Gerhard Witte, Chairman, who are doing so much behind the scenes also need to witness the support of the Villagers.

And now for smiles on the faces if you are a rugby lover. What a weekend for SA Rugby with a thrilling Springbok “come-from-behind” victory at Ellis Park and a “how-did-that-happen” Blitsbokke Sevens Series Championship in Paris. Simply breathtaking and the courage of both groups of players must be admired.  A huge Villager congratulations to both the Springboks and the Blitsbokke who made South Africa proud. Again the point was proved that in sport you never give up until the final whistle!!

Amazing how we are nowadays spoilt when it comes to major sports events – just this past weekend you could sit back in the luxury of your couch and watch the Springboks (and the other rugby internationals), the Blitsbokke, the French Tennis Open, the Canadian Grand Prix and the Comrades (to name a few). However, TV overload makes for a good reason to stretch your legs and come down to Brookside for an hour or two and support the men in white.

That’s it for the week then. Hope you have an enjoyable few days before the weekend. See you soon.

Kind regards.

Rob Wagner.