Villager Voice 2018 – 028

Dear Villager

As you probably all know and can very well imagine, this newsletter is written with a very heavy heart. The passing of Cliffie Etzebeth in a motor car accident on Sunday morning was shattering news and it is so difficult to believe that our “indestructible” friend will no longer be with us at Brookside. Nobody else will ever have the “Cliffie way” of doing and saying things and he is truly a legend who will remain in our hearts and minds forever. RIP Cliffie – you will always be a part of the Villager FC!!!

The memorial service for Cliffie Etzebeth will take place at the AGS Church in Goodwood on Monday 30 July 2018 at 11h00. There will be a wake in honour of Cliffie in the Villager clubhouse on Tuesday 31 July 2018 at 16h00.

On a lighter and happier note, the club enjoyed a very good past Saturday against SK-Walmers with all our teams recording resounding victories. The 1XV were very good in scoring 6 tries and ensuring the bonus point. In fact, the bonus points secured against Belhar and SK-Walmers now makes up for the 2-point draw against Brackenfell. This coming Saturday 28 July 2018 we will host the high-riding Union-Milnerton RFC.  The times for the matches are as follows :

* A Field 16h00 1XV

* A Field 14h40 2XV

* A Field 13h25 U20A

If we do not put the SK-Walmers match behind us and if we rest on our laurels because of this past Saturday, we will come up very short against Uni-Mil. They are a quality team and we will have to be at our very best.

On Saturday we will also welcome those players who can make it down to Brookside to the 1988 Villager 1XV 30 year reunion. It will be good to have these ou-manne back at Brookside to toast the past and support the Villager teams. In 1988 the Villager 1XV were runners-up in the Grand Challenge and were coached by Alan Zondagh and captained by Dave Mallet. Incidentally, our current President, Anton Chait, was the darting flyhalf with the accurate boot in that year!!

A Villager congratulations must go to the Blitsbokke for their bronze medal position this past weekend. To beat Fiji at any time requires a monumental effort and to do so well in the tournament without a number of key players is an indication of the healthy state of sevens rugby at national level. There is a buzz about the Blitsbokke and it is obvious that Neil Powell is achieving something special.

In closing, a reminder that it is not too late to pay 2018 Villager subscriptions which, admittedly, I have been on about over and over again. But it is simply because that revenue stream is vital to the club. Don’t forget to visit Brookside this coming Saturday to support our teams against Uni-Mil. See you there!!!

Take care.

Kind regards.

Rob Wagner.